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        Talents Theory

        Relying on talent for fundamental premise of sustainable development, Qiancai International regards talents as the first resource and force of enterprise, on the basis of respecting talent for sustainable development, with fundamental task of promoting businesses and employees growth as talent development strategy.

        I. Talented personnel properly and best utilized
        Qiancai International adheres to the "people-oriented" business philosophy, pooling talents with broad prospects, stimulating talents with good career goal.

        Through the establishment of scientific and effective mechanism, create a positive environment for talent growth, committed to providing a stage fully displaying talent for every employee, creating good opportunities for development to realize self-worth.

        For staffing, Qiancai International insists on the idea of respecting talent and innovation, not only emphasizing on education background, focusing on capacity, performance and potential. By establishing a fair competition mechanism, it fully mobilizes the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of every employee, so that employees love their jobs and do their best to achieve appropriate utilization.

        II.Joint development, sharing success
        No staff effort, no business success. No business success, no employee success. Both growths for employees and enterprise for common development is a talent development concept consistently adhered by Qiancai International.

        Qiancai International encourages employees to combine own development with the Company’s long-term planning. The Company provides staff with a variety of ways to grow and development models, strives to create a good growing conditions for each employee, offering a broad development space to allow staff to display the maximum potential, achieve the common development of employee and enterprise, and share win-win situation.

        Personnel conditions
        To become a member of Qiancai International, the following quality should be possessed:
        First, healthy personality. Employee is required to have a strong sense of responsibility and good ethics.
        Second, higher creativity. Awareness of innovation, unique perspective to problem, different ways of thinking and spirit of daring to suspect.
        Third, initiative. High sense of subjective initiative, self-improvement and self-development.
        Fourth, team spirit. Team cohesion is a prerequisite for completion of efficient work. Qiancai requires each employee to have a good team spirit for mutual help and love and common progress.
        Fifth, good communication skill and coordination skill.
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